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It is December 6th, and I remember.

I was 13 years old when Marc Lépine opened fire and murdered 14 women for being at engineering school when he wasn’t. He blamed feminism for the situation he was in, and murdered these women for being in non-traditional jobs, for being there.

Every year, the memorials I go to are different. Some are quiet - I remember several winters in the snow, holding candles and reciting names like a talisman against violence.

Geneviève Bergeron, 21 years old. Hélène Colgan, 24 years old. Nathalie Croteau, 24 years old.

When I was younger, they seemed impossibly mature and sophisticated. I used to imagine them laughing and enjoying university, cut down without warning. Now that I’m 35, they seem so young, and I wonder if they were afraid.

Anna, Je me souviens on the École Polytechnique massacre. Read the entire entry; I had a really hard time picking one piece to quote here. (via anachronistique)

Self reblog from last year. Still worth reading. Still remembering.

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Today is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

I will not forget.

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Petition to track Cathy Brennan’s Gender Identity Watch as a hate group



"Secular Woman members have teamed up to present a petition opposing the transphobic actions of Cathy Brennan’s Gender Identity Watch. She and her group forward an agenda that is abusive and harmful to transgender women.  Their tactics include targeting named individuals. "

Petition Here

This is tumblr, I most likely don’t have to tell you who Cathy Brennan is. She is responsible for the harassment and doxxing of many transgender individuals.  This goes beyond simply trolling someone online, doxxing trans people puts their lives in danger.

We can’t let this continue, and this is one more angle to come at her from.  Don’t scroll past, we need every signature we can get so please sign this and share, signal boost on tumblr on twitter on facebook, plaster this where ever you can.  Do not let her continue to needlessly endanger innocent lives.

I will never stop reblogging this.

What is this piece of garbage up to now?

having an institution such as SPLC recognize cathy brennan’s efforts explicitly as that of a hate group is really fucking important and i hope y’all sign the fuck out of this petition

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David Wojnarowicz wore this jacket in 1988, just 4 years before he’d ultimately die from AIDS. Sadly, just a few years ago some of his artistic work was censored at the Smithsonian. People in power are still content to try and erase his history and the continued struggles of people with AIDS

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The statement that all people are “a bit bisexual” is harmful. And why? Because fluidity of sexuality and bisexuality are two separate concepts and are not interchangeable. By saying that all people are bisexual to one degree or another only erases the identity of people who do identify as bisexual. This creates the culture in which “We’re all told bisexuality is a phase that everyone goes through and grows out of, and no one’s a ‘proper’ bisexual, even though everyone’s bisexual really,” as Marcus Morgan puts it.


Please Support war resister Kimberly Rivera, who was deported from Canada to the US last year and is currently giving birth while serving a prison sentence after claims by both Rick Dykstra and Jason Kenney that she would not face legal punishment in the US.

Kimberly’s husband Mario has been denied access to the delivery room and a call out has been made for folks to contact the hospital and urge them to allow him to be present for the delivery. Contact information is listed in the link.



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Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day we set aside to honor those who have suffered as a result of anti-trans* hate crimes and prejudice. Today, we remind ourselves to recognize the unique challenges faced by the trans* members of our communities, and pledge to do more to help all year round. For information about TDOR or events that may be happening near you, check out the official website. This is a really important day, and a chance to educate lots of people about some really crucial issues. Let’s take the opportunity. 

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Thanks for the shoutout, LifeSiteNews! We hope everyone gets a laugh out of this.


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