The Dark Circle Collective

The Dark Circle Collective is an intersectional feminist working group based out of the Niagara region.

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Yesterday was a great demo! we had about 15 people come out, and three cops.
We also met two women. Our first friend was Nancy(pictured in last photo). Nancy was ready for us when we showed up and spent a good hour trying to debate abortion with us. According to Nancy that despite being raped and becoming impregnated you should keep the child because it’s not a burden or a reminder of what happened, it’s a blessing. Nancy also told us that if you’re lower income and become pregnant you should also keep the child and give it up for adoption because there are so many people trying to adopt. Also, children living in foster/group homes or are on the streets and don’t have access to proper education, clean clothing, food and water should be happy with their situations because they could be dead. She also compared getting the act of getting abortion to the act of rape. Nancy also hopes that Queer people seek help because God loves them.
We also had some fans make tweets about our demo! After refusing to speak with QMI journalist Grant Lafleche, he decided to tweet about how our numbers were lacking and ineffective! thank you Grant! ya piece of shit!

Anyways, thank you to everyone who came out and held their ground. We are so proud of our community.